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“There is properly no history; only biography.”
~~Ralph Waldo Emerson

We encourage you to:

  • Gather and send in life stories and photographs of people who attended or taught at BYA or BYH ~ with particular focus on their BYA~BYH school days; and

  • Please understand that this collection is still under construction, and that names listed below without links often have extensive biographical information listed in the Directory which is an important part of this website.

    "Biographies are but the clothes and buttons.
    No true biography can ever be written."
    ~~Mark Twain


    Verl Allman

    James Urban Allred
    Class of 1898

    Ruel Acord Allred
    BYU Laboratory Elementary School

    Russell B. Anderson
    Class of 1966

    Newton W. Andrus
    Class of 1960

    Kristine Knudsen Andrus
    Class of 1962

    Brent F. Ashworth
    Class of 1967

    John Allen Bagley
    Class of 1882

    Loyal A. Baker
    Class of 1964

    Jae R. Ballif
    Class of 1949

    Jacque Baker

    W. Dwayne Belt
    Principal XIX - 1961~1962

    J. Lynn Benson
    Faculty 1960~1964

    June E. Berry

    Max J. Berryessa
    Principal XVIII - 1958~1961

    John William Boshard
    Class of 1966

    William H. Boyle, Jr.
    Class of 1905 & 1906
    Principal VII - 1902~1926

    George H. Brimhall
    Principal IV - 1895~1900

    R. Lanier Britsch
    Class of 1957

    Todd A. Britsch
    Class of 1955

    Kent S. Broadhead
    Class of 1949

    Clayton D. Bushnell
    Class of 1943

    Julia Alleman Caine

    Lynn Clark Callister
    Class of 1960

    Kim S. Cameron
    Class of 1964

    Orson Scott Card
    Class of 1969

    Zina Young Williams Card
    Class of 1881

    Harold P. Christensen
    Class of 1949

    Herbert K. Christensen
    Principal XII - 1949~1950

    Herald R. Clark
    Class of 1910
    Under construction

    Larry Christensen
    Class of 1966

    Welsford H. "Gus" Clark
    Elementary Faculty 1960s

    A. John Clarke
    Principal XI - 1946~1949

    Benjamin Cluff, Jr.
    Class of 1883
    Principal III - 1892~1895

    James Smoot Coleman
    Class of 1936

    Byron O. Colton
    Class of 1900

    Kay S. Cornaby
    Class of 1954

    David M. Crowton

    Lorraine Fullmer Day
    Class of 1959

    Henry Aldous Dixon
    Class of 1909

    Lucile Knowlden Dixon
    Class of 1912

    Howard Roscoe Driggs
    Class of 1892

    Warren Dusenberry
    Principal I - 1876

    Mary Ellen Edmunds
    Class of 1958

    Philo T. Farnsworth
    Class of 1924

    Lynn Fausett
    Class of 1912

    Roger & Sybil Clarke Ferguson
    Class of 1952~Honorary

    Harvey Fletcher
    Class of 1904

    Larry C. Ford, Sr.
    Class of 1968

    Betty Clark Francis
    Class of 1955

    Takeo Fujiwara
    Class of 1929

    John W. Gardner
    Class of 1966

    Harvey Harris Gates
    Class of 1907~Honorary

    Max C. Golightly
    Faculty 1957~1961

    Gary D. Golightly
    Class of 1968

    J. Arthur Graham
    Class of 1918

    Richard L. Gunn

    Linda Tenney Turley-Hansen
    Class of 1959

    Ora Marie Houtz Hardy
    Class of 1934

    Chauncey Dennison Harris
    Class of 1930

    Franklin S. Harris, Sr.
    Class of 1904

    Anna B. Hart

    Laura Gubler Hendrix
    Class of 1922~Honorary

    Tobou David Hettig
    Class of 1928

    Ross C. Hilton

    Arza Alonzo Hinckley
    Class of 1892

    Edwin S. Hinckley
    Class of 1891
    Principal VI - 1904~1909

    James A. Holtkamp
    Class of 1967

    Sheri Hansen Hogle
    Class of 1964

    Milton Reed Hunter
    Class of 1924

    Mickey L. Ibarra
    Class of 1969

    Kathy Jacobson
    Class of 1965

    C. LaVoir Jensen

    Edgar M. Jenson
    Principal IX - 1928~1935

    Albert S. & Sarah Fletcher Jones
    Brigham Young Academy Students

    Ardeth Greene Kapp
    Class of 1949

    Joseph Brigham Keeler
    Class of 1880

    Lovell A. Killpack, Jr.
    Class of 1943

    J. Golden Kimball
    Class of 1881

    Samuel Andrew King
    Class of 1888

    William Henry King
    Class of 1881

    Francis Washington Kirkham
    Class of 1904

    Oscar A. Kirkham
    Class of 1898

    Robert A. "Bob" Kirkpatrick
    Class of 1948

    Jesse Knight

    Vern Oliver Knudsen
    Class of 1912

    Asael C. Lambert
    Principal VIII - 1926~1928

    John Franklin Lee
    Class of 1945

    Courtney M. Leishman

    George Lewis
    Faculty 1945~1956

    Margie Swensen Lifferth
    Class of 1965

    Reed Lloyd
    Class of 1960

    Anthony C. Lund
    Classes of 1889 & 1891, & Music Faculty

    Karl G. Maeser
    Principal II - 1876~1892

    Fred L. Markham
    Class of 1919

    James A. Mason
    Music Faculty 1957-1962

    D. Clayton McConkie
    Class of 1947

    Don L. McConkie
    Principal XVI - 1956~1957

    David O. McKay
    President, LDS Church

    Albert Miller
    [Ernst Ludwig Adelbert Mueller]

    Music Faculty

    Karl Albert Miller
    Class of 1923

    Kathy Redd Mullins
    Class of 1952

    Orris Abram Murdock, Jr.
    BYA ~ Murdock Academy Class of 1911

    H. David Nelson
    Principal XIX - 1963~1964

    Nels Lars Nelson
    Principal V - 1900~1904

    Joseph Kelly Nicholes
    Class of 1908
    Dallin H. Oaks
    Class of 1950

    Merrill C. Oaks
    Class of 1954

    Robert C. Oaks
    Class of 1954

    Dallan Olson
    Class of 1967

    Rex A. Olson

    Monroe Paxman &
    Shirley Brockbank Paxman

    BYA Foundation

    Carol Lynn Wright Pearson
    Class of 1957

    H. Corry Perkins &
    M. Kistin Adams Perkins

    Classes of 1907 & 1911

    Charles E. "Chuck" Peterson &
    Harriett Robison Peterson

    Grethe Ballif Peterson
    Class of 1950

    James Winter Petty
    Class of 1966

    Ed Jolley Pinegar
    Class of 1952

    Frank Rasmussen
    Class of 1908

    LeRoy J. Robertson
    Class of 1916

    Dorothy O. Rea

    Charlie Redd
    Classes of 1911 & 1914

    C. Hardy Redd
    Class of 1954

    Allen K. Reinhold
    Class of 1954

    Alice Louise Reynolds
    Class of 1890

    Alma W. Richards
    Class of 1913

    J. Keith Rigby, Jr.
    Class of 1964 / Class of 1965

    Thomas R. Ryan
    Class of 1953

    Kiefer B. Sauls
    Class of 1915

    Iris Ramey Seyfried
    Class of 1943

    Morris A. Shirts
    Principal XV - 1954~1956

    Aline Coleman Smith
    Class of 1930

    George Albert Smith
    Class of 1888~Honorary
    President, LDS Church

    Joel Smith
    Class of 1947

    Sherman C. Smith
    Class of 1966

    Abraham O. Smoot
    Board of Trustees, Founder

    L. Douglas Smoot
    Restoration Leader

    Reed Smoot
    Class of 1880

    Reed P. Smoot
    Class of 1965

    E. Donald Snow, Sr.
    Class of 1938, Coach

    Edward H. Snow
    Class of 1883

    Wayne L. Sorenson
    Principal XIII - 1950~1952

    John Benjamin "Jay" Staker, Jr.
    Class of 1910

    O. Leslie Stone
    Class of 1920

    Rowan C. Stutz
    Principal XIV - 1952~1954

    George Sutherland
    Class of 1881
    Justice, US Supreme Court

    James E. Talmage
    Class of 1880

    Annie Clark Tanner
    Class of 1883

    Joseph Marian Tanner
    Class of 1880

    Adrianne Taylor
    Class of 1954

    Delenna Taylor
    Class of 1930

    Thomas Nicholls Taylor
    Class of 1889~Honorary

    Henry D. Taylor, Sr.
    Class of 1921

    Douglas H. Thayer
    Class of 1947~Honorary

    Lowell D. Thomson
    Principal XX - 1964~1968

    John W. Tucker
    Principal XVII - 1957~1958

    Donna Lee Turley
    Faculty 1962-1968 ~ School Guidance Counselor

    John Waldemar Van Cott

    Paul Gerrit Van Wagenen
    Class of 1963

    John T. Wahlquist
    Class of 1918

    Gordon D. Walker
    Class of 1961

    Arthur V. Watkins
    Class of 1906

    Fredrick Nathan Webb
    Music Faculty

    David Henry Weech
    Class of 1893

    Joseph A. West
    Class of 1968

    Valene Camenish Wilcox
    Class of 1943

    Douglas D. Wilkinson
    Class of 1961

    Harold O. "Hal" Williams

    Alan R. "Pete" Witbeck
    Class of 1947

    Hugh McCurdy Woodward
    Class of 1908

    Golden L. Woolf
    Principal X - 1935~1946

    Blaine M. Yorgason
    Class of 1961

    Brent G. Yorgason
    Class of 1963

    Brigham Young
    President, LDS Church

    Joseph Don Carlos Young
    Architect, Faculty

    Kimball Young
    Class of 1911

    LeGrande Leonard "Grit" Young
    Class of 1954

    Louise Leonard Young

    Michael K. Young
    Class of 1967

    Noel Reynolds Zabriskie
    Class of 1966


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