Sometimes Forgotten Stories

I Thought I Was Invisible ~ Sheri Hansen Hogle '64
I Thought I Was Invisible

  1. BY High Recollections A to K, by many contributors

  2. BY High Recollections L to Z, by many contributors

  3. The Impossible Writing Assignment, by Larry Christensen '66

  4. June 10, 1963, by Dennis Romboy

  5. The Last Football Game, by Larry Christensen '66

  6. The Royce Kent Crawford Story, by Kent G. Jarvis '60

  7. The Ibarra Brothers, by Pam Ostermiller

  8. The 'Why I Teach Project', by Doug Robinson

  9. My Model A & The Lost Cause Rabbit Hunt of 1949, by Jon Katzenbach '50

  10. The Great Fake Bank Robbery, by Jon Katzenbach '50

  11. John W. Boshard, by Larry Christensen '66

  12. Into the Pit for Repairs, by Jon Katzenbach '50

  13. Healthy Civil Disobedience at BYH, by Hank Taylor '49

  14. My Most Uplifting Day at BYH, by Larry Christensen '66

  15. George Lewis' Thespians, by Jon Katzenbach '50

  16. Philo T. Farnsworth '24, Father of Television, BYH's Most Influential Graduate, a compilation

  17. Alma W. Richards '13, BYH's Top Athlete, by Lee Benson

  18. The Vanishing Anvil, by Stirling Broadhead '46 & Burl Bushman '46

  19. The Caine Legacy, by Preston Bissell '56

  20. Painted into a Corner, by Larry Christensen '66

  21. A Measuring Stick, by Carol Lynn Wright Pearson '57

  22. Verl Allman at BYH, from his autobiography

  23. Doors Opened to the Future, by James A. Holtkamp '67

  24. My Sentimental Journey, by Betty Clark Francis '55

  25. Sherm Smith's Campaign Promise, by Larry Christensen '66

  26. The Canadians of BY High, by Robert A. Hague '49

  27. The O.D.A.M.M.I.T. Plan, by Larry Christensen '66

  28. Playing with the Big Boys, by James W. Petty '66

  29. The Rollover, by Don Broadhead '47

  30. Bushman's Fire vs. Jensen's Math, by Burl Bushman '46

  31. Tubus Vacuumus: 1962-1963, by Larry Christensen '66

  32. Anna's Bookshelves, by Mary L. Bingham Lee

  33. Just to Help One Kid, by M. Rex Arnett, BYH Faculty 1962-1966

  34. The Miracle of Jim Petty '66

  35. The New Century & Arthur Graham '18, by Kent Graham Jarvis '60

  36. The Perils of My Early Party-Hosting Days, by Hank Taylor '49

  37. The Art & Science of Sneaking Into the Men's Gym, by Nick Boshard '61

  38. Revisiting the Old Lower Campus Neighborhood, by Nick Boshard '61

  39. The "West Point" Kid - Lazy, Crazy, Hazing Days, by James W. Petty '66

  40. Two Loyal Baker Stories, by LeEarl Baker '65 & David Whetten '64

  41. The Day the Pigeons Died, by Larry Christensen '66

  42. Garside Caricatures, 1962-1963 by A. Lamoyne Garside

  43. Ross Hilton's Enduring Lesson, by Kent G. Jarvis '60

  44. Harvey Fletcher '04, Father of Stereophonic Sound, a compilation

  45. The BYH Pinball Wizard, by Larry Christensen & others

  46. The Day I Ruined BY High, by C. Hardy Redd '54

  47. Locked Out: A BYH Christmas, by a BYH Grad

  48. A Brush with Disaster, by Ron S. Taylor '57

  49. A Catcher's View of a Classic Baseball Season, by Dallan Olson '67

  50. It Began with a Broken Necklace, by Iris Ramey Seyfried '43

  51. Senior Sneak Day, 1943, by Iris Ramey Seyfried '43

  52. Living in the Pearl Harbor Era, by Lovell Killpack '43

  53. A BYH Graduation Card to Last a Lifetime, by Adrianne Taylor '54

  54. Co-Founder of ABC, Robert H. Hinckley, Sr. '10

  55. Master Fine Artist, Joel Smith '47

  56. Hanging On For Dear Life, by Lynn Rogerson '49

  57. On the Inside with Four BYH Outsiders, by Linda Tenney Turley-Hansen '59

  58. A Piece of Broken Window Glass, by Vee Ann Jeffs Mickelson '59

  59. Attending BYH in 1920-21, by Laura Gubler Hendrix '22~H

  60. The Great Auto Theft of the 1950s, by Jean Anderson Moore '52

  61. BYH "Found" Department, by Larry Christensen '66

  62. I Thought I Was Invisible, by Sheri Hansen Hogle '64

  63. Winter, With a Chance of Massive Destruction, by Larry Christensen '66

  64. Sobering, Haunting Science Classes, by Iris Ramey Seyfried '43

  65. The Bike ~ Letting Go, by Sheri Hansen Hogle '64

  66. The Dress, by Sheri Hansen Hogle '64

The Great Auto Theft - by Jean Anderson Moore 1952
The Great Auto Theft of the 1950s

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